Sustainable Slopes

The Remarkables is committed to caring for our planet and ensuring snow for future generations by implementing excellent environmental management practices.

What we’re doing:

NZSki is committed to caring for our planet and ensuring snow for future generations by implementing excellent environmental management practices. The good news is that by using new, less-polluting technologies and conserving energy, we can ensure our ski fields at Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables are sustainable and will continue to exist for future generations to enjoy.

According to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), climate modelling shows seasonal snow levels at New Zealand ski areas will be reduced by the effects of climate change in the coming years, but the good news is the loss may actually be less than originally anticipated and we should be able to continue to make snow, even under a more extreme climate scenario.

NZSki Ltd has teamed up with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) to support its ‘Keep Winter Cool’ campaign. It has also endorsed the NSAA’s environmental charter. Sustainable Slopes provides an overarching framework for ski areas on sustainability and enhanced environmental performance.

The ski industry is one of the industries most at risk from climate change. By adopting sustainable business initiatives to make a difference, NZSki are leading the way in responsible resource and energy use and environmental practices. Our sustainability vision is to:

Provide exceptional recreational opportunities for guests and employees while taking the utmost care for and making a commitment to environmental protection and stewardship.

Work in conjunction with our suppliers and local government officials to conserve, recycle, reuse and utilise renewable resources in our daily operations.

Plan responsible future growth within our community to guarantee protection of our natural resources for future generations.

Snowguns and Fencing:

We at NZski take on a variety of practices to ensure the sustainability of the ski field for the whole of winter. Employing the best snowmaking machines such as tower mounted snow guns (increase productivity by 35% using the same volume of water as any other gun type) is just one of the many sustainable features we use.

Snow grooming and snow farming are also undertaken in an environmentally sensitive way. We make sure to use cat winches where possible and snow farm during storms (e.g. on the Summit). This allows us to re-distributed to high-traffic areas in the future.

Energy Use:


The NZSki Resort Management and Board dictate that all new developments within the resort must adhere to at least a five star energy rating. This ensures long-term success and sustainable slopes across all of our mountains.

Visitors are also encouraged to use less energy when visiting our resort. With a list of energy-saving tips at each property, developing stronger consumer awareness of energy use is one of the principles of the “Keep Winter Cool” initiative.

Climate Change:

By using new technologies that conserve energy and are none pollutant, we ensure that Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt are sustainable and will continue to exist for future generations in their natural form.

A recent study, conducted by National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), shows seasonal snow across New Zealand dropping in the coming years. The good news is the loss may actually be less than originally expected and we should be able to continue to make snow, even under a more extreme climate scenario.

Environmental Sustainability:

Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Mt Hutt are award winning ski areas and have been recognised for their efforts in environmental sustainability.

Your Part:


There are many ways you can help us out - including Ride Share, NZSki’s carpooling scheme!

When you are planning a trip to the snow, consider:

Participate in ride share or catch a bus to the ski field instead of driving.

Making sure you turn off lights and appliances at the power point in your holiday accommodation.

Purchase environment-friendly products from local sources.

Reduce, reuse and recycle.

The Remarkables

Here’s what the The Remarkables ski field has put in place to ensure sustainability:

We have taken over the mass transit system ensuring we reduce the number of vehicles used to get to our mountains.

All kitchen cooking oil (Canola) is collected by Bio Fuels NZ for refining to be used again as motor fuels.

Recycling is managed with the separate collection of plastic, paper and aluminium for recycling at the transfer station in Queenstown.

"Switch Off" electricity promotions throughout the base lodge and outlying buildings is in place to reduce power waste through lighting and wall plugs.

We monitor fuel efficiency in our fleet of company vehicles.

The Remarkables has introduced a Ride Share scheme to and from the mountain, which is promoted on this website, on our trail maps and brochures and in our daily snow reports.

All food packaging is made from recycled paper/board; all beverage cups are made from compostable products.

Heating throughout the base lodge is thermostatically controlled to reduce electricity waste.

Snow grooming operations use the latest engine technology, which ensures we meet the latest European emission standards. Machine operation is monitored to maximise efficiency, therefore minimising fuel use and environmental impact.

All used machinery/engine oils are filtered for reuse or recycled.

When we undertake any earthworks on site, we re-vegetate modified areas. Seed is collected from the local area and dispersed again over finished ground to assist nature and the re-establishment of native flora and fauna. Where tussock areas are disturbed, the mature plants are removed and relocated to minimise any visual impact and assist nature in renegotiating the land back to its natural state.

Grease taps are in place in the facility to prevent excess waste seeping back into the environment.

To prevent any long-term disturbance of the natural environment, temporary facilities are located for the winter period and removed in "sensitive" areas once the season operations have concluded.

Ride Share:

Ride Share is NZSki’s carpooling scheme.

Why should you Ride Share:

  • Save money on fuel
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce congestion
  • Meet new friends
  • Get a better parking spot on the mountain (if you’re the only one in your car you will directed to a lower car park after 8:30am).


How RideShare Works:

Sign up with your name, contact number or email at the Ride Share notice boards located or register online

Indicate if you wish to be a driver or passenger and tell us the area where you live

Others will then be able to arrange to Ride Share with you up the mountain

Share petrol costs ~ do offer your driver a few dollars for the ride

Get yourself to a Ride Share pick-up zone, then stand by the thumb sign and if drivers on their way up the mountain have room, they will pick you up

Or if you are driving, make sure you pick someone up!

Coronet Peak Ride Share pick-up zones:

  • Coronet Peak Hotel car park in Arthur’s Point
  • Top of mountain car park 5.


What if I’m off to ski First Tracks and there’s no one at the Ride Share pick-up zone?

No problem, we won’t instigate the lower car park policy until after 8.30am by which time you will have already parked and carved up all the fresh tracks.

Why doesn’t NZSki run shuttle services from town?

NZSki existing bus companies do offer paid for shuttle services and they are doing a great job of providing a stress free way to get up the mountain. We highly recommend it. are simply trying to encourage less cars to take the trip up and down the mountain by rewarding the rideshare principles of more people per car.

How will I get from the lower car parks to the base building if I come alone?

We run regular shuttles from the lower car parks to the base building. Overall it means that more people can access the base building using less fuel - a good mission don’t you think?

What if I don’t want to share?

If you are the only person in your vehicle, you may be directed to a lower car park but will still have perfectly good access to the base facility.