Our Environment

As Kaitiaki of the mountains we have an enduring commitment to our environment, people, and communities to ensure they benefit from our presence. 

We use the concepts of kaitiakitanga and manaakitanga to guide us, understanding that our environment is the backbone to our operations and the reason we love what we do. Our promise is to share our passion for the mountains with our people, community and guests, making sure they have an unforgettable experience.  

During winter, our Kaitiakitanga committee, made up of staff from all departments on mountain, get together each week to initiate and implement new sustainable ways of working and restoring our environment. 

Bring Back the Birds

We have a five-year partnership with Queenstown’s Kea Conservation Trust, as part of a joint initiative to bring back kea to The Remarkables. We provide funds for research, education, volunteer our time to help monitor kea and work to ensure the mountain is a habitable environment for them to enjoy. To date, we have managed to catch six of the cheeky, healthy parrots - two in 2018, three in 2019 and one in 2021. We work with the Kea Conservation Trust to catch the birds, measure them, check their blood levels for lead and band their legs so we can monitor their progress once they are released. If you spot any kea with a band on their leg you can look them up to see if they are part of the crew living at The Remarkables during winter. We encourage visitors to report any kea sightings at The Remarkables or other spots around the Wakatipu, via the link below. This is a valuable tool for the Kea Conservation Trust in conducting their research and monitoring the health of the kea population.


During summer we have over 80 traps set up along the access road to get rid of unwanted pests from our mountain. These traps are monitored weekly and to date we have eliminated over 217 predators including possums, mustelids (stoats and ferrets) and rats. Our summer staff also spend time chopping down any wilding pines and other non-native plants from along the access road. We want our mountain to be a safe environment with thriving native flora for our birds like the kea to enjoy.


Over the past couple of years, we have significantly reduced waste in our café and restaurant through a few different initiatives: - Replaced all single packet sauces with catering size bottles so guests can help themselves - Replaced single-use plastic food packaging with ceramic dishes or compostable/recyclable boxes - Replaced all takeaway cups with ceramic cups, saving over 70,000 coffee cups from going to landfill 2019 - Installed three drinking fountains, removing paper cups and replacing them with re-usable ones


As well as reducing waste we have a couple of recycling initiatives we’re pretty proud of. Our cardboard bailer compacts our cardboard waste on mountain meaning less trips transporting it off the mountain to the recycle centre reducing emissions. All our compostable waste, including coffee grinds, is collected and taken to our big worm farm at the bottom of the access road.

Transport and Ridesharing

We encourage all our guests to ride-share or to take our buses up the mountain to help cut carbon emissions down. One of our buses can offset 50-60 car trips. In 2018 this meant our buses eliminated over 52,000 car trips to our Queenstown ski areas. We support the ride share website Snow Riders NZ. This is a great place to find mates to share a lift up the hill with.

On the Snow

Our snowmaking machines are state of the art which means they’re energy efficient when using both power and water to make snow. All the water in our snow making reservoirs is recycled, coming from natural sources like rain or snow melt. Our fleet of groomers are being upgraded with new PB600s featuring SnowSAT. SnowSAT is a program that allows our team to groom slopes more efficiently. As they drive over snow, SnowSAT measures the amount of snow underneath the groomer ensuring we only take it from areas where there is excess and push it to areas that need it. This new system means 15% less power and diesel used when grooming our slopes.


When planning new trails and infrastructure we are very careful to guarantee the least amount of impact on our environment possible and restore and enrich the landscape once the developments take place. If we are modifying land for trails or infrastructure, any native flora that might be disturbed is removed and propagated in other areas of the mountain. When it’s time, these plants go back to the development area and are re-planted to ensure the landscape is restored.


As well as restoring areas where development takes place, we also revegetate other areas of the ski area. Seeds from native plants are hand-collected, taken to a nursery to grow, then returned, and planted across the mountain. We use seed from plants already in our environment to make certain the mountain is planted with flora that are native to, and bred for, our unique alpine conditions.

Our Community

We know our work needs to be wider reaching than just our ski area so we work with local community groups to support different initiatives.

- In 2020 we donated additional funds to the Kea Conservation Trust for their Ben Lomond project to research kea living there, update signage to educate visitors about kea and lay traplines to get rid of pests
- We run events during winter to help raise funds for community groups like our annual Run/Bike up the Road event that supports the Cancer Society.
- In 2020 we sold 90 Sugar Bowl chairs from the old chairlift, a project that raised over $10,000 for the Wakatipu Youth Trust and the Cancer Society