Ski Queenstown

Mountain Safety

The Remarkables follow a common set of rules on the mountain. We call this the Snow Responsibility Code. It ensures both your own and others’ safety.

The Snow Responsibility Code can be found across the mountain and is detailed below for you too.


Snow Responsibility Code:

Stay Visible:

  • Only stop where you can be seen from above
  • Always look uphill before moving again
  • Only stop on the edge of trails or beside fixed objects

Slow Down:

  • Limit your speed in busy areas
  • Match your speed to surrounding skiers and riders
  • Be prepared for others to make sudden changes in direction or speed

Give Way:

  • Give way to those downhill
  • Look before you leap
  • Snowboarders: take care turning onto your heel edge

Give Space:

  • Stay 5m from others
  • If less than 5m from others you must slow down
  • The faster you go the more space you must give others

Download the Snow Code.

Please note: it is also important that you regularly check the snow and weather conditions and ski/ride within your ability.

View our backcountry touring access guidelines. 


Avalanche Safety

Every second counts in an avalanche rescue. RECCO technology is a tool for professional rescuers to help locate buried victims wearing reflectors. Recco reflectors are built into ski boots, helmets, and clothing that many people wear. This is not recommended as the primary rescue system to use if you are planning to access the backcountry. However, it is an excellent secondary system for avalanche rescue.