Remarks Parks

Lap The Park

The Remarkables Parks offer a range of different terrain parks, forming a top to bottom run with the potential of hitting over 20 jumps and rails in one lap. All parks are accessed by the new Sugar Bowl chairlift. The progression is great, the features are unique and the stoke level is high!

Big Line

Advanced: Expert features designed to challenge the aspiring professional. This is the site of our Slopestyle events held throughout the season and your opportunity to see where you rank among the nation’s best.

- 10m Down Rail
- 35’ Step Down Jump
- 40’ Step Down Jump,
- 45’ Step Up Jump
- Large Cannon Rail

Burton Stash

Advanced: The Burton Stash is a concept park personally designed by Jake Burton and legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly. One of only six in the world and the only one in the Southern hemisphere, it is a natural course constructed from organic elements.

- Cliff drops (2-3 metres)
- Stash Hut roof jib
- Polished concrete butter pads


Advanced: The park lap continues with a choice of rails and boxes for every ability level, including the Red Bull Mini feature. This one-of-a-kind feature is your chance to jib over a car and get creative on the side wallrides.

- Banked turns
- Hip with skewed take–off
- Hitching post
- Quad kink rail
- Series of offset rollers and tabletops

Medium Park

This park is all about flow and creativity, a choice of features on each terrace allows you to pick your own line through an assortment of jumps and rails. - 3 20’to 25’Jumps - 8m Flat Tube - Flat Down Rail - 10m Flat Tube - Hip and Volcano

Waterrace Park

Drop into a range of medium/ large snow features and pick your line through a rail garden with a variety of curved and kinked rails.

- 25’ step down jump
- 30’ tabletop jump
- Down flat down rail
- Y rail- S rail
- Elbow rail
- C rail

Tube Town

Intermediate: Begin your park lap in Tube town where you can lock into a flowing setup of fat tubes. These features have been repurposed from the old Sugar lift towers and create sustainable fun for everyone.

- Wide flat box
- Fat Tube down rail
- Rhythm section

Beginner Park

Beginner: The rush of flowing through the Beginner’s park will be enough to turn anyone into an adrenaline junkie. Features are designed for progression and lend themselves to stomping your first rail, performing a grab and then spinning your first 360.

- Box: 4
- Jumps: 4
- Snow Spine
- Small Hip