What is freeride?

Freeride is all about celebrating the natural terrain features in the most exhilarating and epic way possible. Each rider picks their own line, no set course or trails, just un-groomed terrain and the endless possibility of epic lines and jumps.

Technically speaking, the very first skiers were freeride skiers. It was however in the late 60’s that the French coined the term Ski Extreme and freeride started to gain worldwide traction.

Freeride at Remarks

The Remarkables has some incredible ungroomed natural terrain, making it a premium freeride destination. With the easy accessibility of the Chutes, advanced and expert skiers and snowboarders can find awesome off-piste terrain filled with jumps and rock drops to challenge their abilities.

For over a decade now, we have hosted the New Zealand Freeride Tour in the Chutes. Since 2014, we have secured the New Zealand Freeride 3* event, which is a qualifier for the Freeride World Tour. What sets The Remarkables apart is the ease of access to these slopes for the athletes, and the great viewing areas close to the courses for the public.

Top spots for freeride at The Remarkables

Shadow Basin

The Shadow Basin chairlift is basically a trip to freeride heaven! A 10-minute walk up on your right will bring you to a lookout, where you can take in an aerial view of Queenstown before going downhill. This area is called the Highway and has many different routes for you to explore. Don’t feel like going for a walk? Leave the upper part for another day and just go down the lower routes.

An uphill hike to your left will take you to the famous Alta Chutes, named after the stunning accompanying lake. The Elevator and Escalator in that section are great for steep and exposed skiing and lead you to another epic freeride zone, called East Knoll. This area includes Boulder Basin, East Face, The Nose and Front Face.

Curvey Basin

Get stoked to discover the freeride near Curvey Basin, because there’s some good fun to be had! Straight above the lift is a freeride area that our lifties call Centurion/Ambush. Don’t let that stray your attention from the area on the left side of the lift though, which we call Curvey Headwall. The possibilities there are endless! Straight through the Curvey Headwall runs a manmade crossing that takes you to the Gallipoli Chutes, no hiking or climbing necessary.

Sugar Basin

Sugar Basin has some great freeride options for you! A little hike to the right leads you to some steep, highly technical terrain. A little hike to the left, beyond the gates, brings you to the side of the mountain that gets the least amount of sun. And you know what that means… some great quality snow, possibly the best of the entire ski resort!

Want to develop your skills a little bit before you conquer these advanced freeride terrains? The concept park Burton Stash is a natural course constructed from organic elements, making it perfect for practising your techniques beforehand!

Meet the Athlete

Blake Marshall

Ski Queenstown

Queenstown local Blake Marshall grew up skiing at The Remarkables and is now turning heads on the Freeride World Tour.